I interviewed lots of people while writing the book. I’m grateful to all of them – they generously gave up their time so that, together, we could work out what made their organisations different, and how that would inform the book’s themes. There isn’t space to feature all of the clips here, so if you’d like to see and hear more, click on the SoundCloud and YouTube buttons (top right) to subscribe to new clips as I upload them.

An Interview With The Dusseldorp Skills Forum

DSF is an Australian foundation that champions learning that is ‘more engaging, inclusive and creative’. They partnered with me at the publication of ‘OPEN’ to  host a seminar looking at the implications for learning in the workplace and formal learning space. This is a short interview I gave them.

The Interview With Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna, CEO of Ingenious Media, was my first interviewee while researching the book. He patiently waited while I fumbled with recording equipment and stumbled through an explanation of the book’s focus. I got better – on both counts – as the research progressed. I have to apologise, however, for the poor sound quality. Nevertheless, I wanted to share his thinking, on the changing value of knowledge, and sharing all you know. His ideas were formative to my thinking, and I’m especially grateful to him (and for the many terrific films and TV shows his investments have made possible).

The Interview With Scott Drummond

At the time of the interview, Scott was Social Media Director at Host Media, based in Sydney. Here he talks about the challenges facing organisations that want to become  ‘social businesses’ – and what that actually means. And it’s not the same as an organisation that uses social media!


The Interview With Marc Lewis

In rebuilding the School for Communication Arts 2.0, Marc has created a unique environment where work and learning blend seamlessly. No teachers, just 600 mentors from the industry passing on skills, insights, briefs and contacts.


How OPEN Came About…..

A very early online learning course about Tuvan Throat Singing, which my son took,  was an early pointer to the rise of social learning.  Few of us can give up years of our lives to learn   first-hand from the masters – but because others are willing to do so, and share what they’ve learned, we no longer need to. This discovery led me to do more research, which in turn led to the idea behind OPEN.


The Interview With Larry Rosenstock

Larry Rosenstock is CEO of the High Tech High Schools in San Diego County, CA. They are some of the most innovative learning spaces in the world, partly because of what structurally they choose to leave out, as much as what they put in. “Complex structures beget simple behaviours, simple structures beget complex behaviours”.